Aquatic Ape Human Ancestor Theory

Aquatic Ape Theory - What is it?

A Brief Summary of AAT - key arguments

A Brief History and Key Proponents of AAT

Current Aquatic Evolution Theories


Alternative theories of human evolution

Wikipedia and the scientific community

. Anatomical Evidence
... Bipedalism
... Birth and babies
... Brain
... Breath control
... Fat
... Fingers, toes and feet
... Furlessness
... Hair and baldness
... Kidneys
... Menopause
... Nose
... Olfactory sense
... Pachyostosis
... Paranasal Sinuses
... Platycephaly
... Sexual features
... Surfer's ear
... Sweating
... Tears
... Underwater vision

. Diet
. Language & Song
. Sleep (USWS)
. Waterside environments
. Sea Gypsies

. Homo erectus - shallow diver

. Fossil evidence
. Paleoecological evidence

A call to scientists...

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Video links

Here I have compiled some links to some of the more fascinating videos available which discuss the Aquatic Ape Theory.

Elaine Morgan Ted talks

Getting Naked - the Aquatic Ape Theory, part 1

Desmond Morris on the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Bonobo wading (posted by Algis Kuliukas)

Cooper the Chimp jumping in the pool

Suyia the orang-utan swimming underwater...
(She appears to have no problem whatsoever holding her breath underwater).

The Aquatic Ape Theory - A brief overview

Aquatic Ape (part 1) - Discovery Channel 1998

Radio On- Aquatic Ape Hypothesis–Radio4- David Attenborough

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