Aquatic Ape Human Ancestor Theory

Aquatic Ape Theory - What is it?

A Brief Summary of AAT - key arguments

A Brief History and Key Proponents of AAT

When / Where / How?

Ape to Human Evolution Timeline

Alternative theories of human evolution

Wikipedia and the scientific community

... Anatomical Evidence
... Bipedalism
... Birth and babies
... Brain
... Breath control
... Descended larynx
... Diet
... Diseases
... Fat
... Fingers, toes and feet
... Furlessness
... Hair and baldness
... Human ailments
... Kidneys
... Language & Song
... Menopause
... Nose
... Olfactory sense
... Pachyostosis
... Paranasal Sinuses
... Platycephaly
... Reverse osmosis
... Sexual features
... Sleep (USWS)
... Surfer's ear
... Sweating
... Tears
... Underwater vision
... Viruses
... Waterside environments

. Homo Ancestors
... Trachillos bipedal hominids
... Homo erectus
... Homo neanderthalensis
... Sea Gypsies/ the Moken
... Homo sapiens - water afinity
... Coastal Migration
... Pan and Gorilla ancestry
... Semi-Aquatic Animals

. Testable Hypotheses
. Fossil evidence
. Genetic evidence
. Paleoecological evidence
. Retroviral marker in apes
. Acheulean handaxes

A call to scientists...

Recent News and Updates

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Aquatic Ape Resources

Algis Kuliukas - Forum for discussion and sharing views.

Aquatic Ancestors
D. Klousie's wonderful site with lots of information.

The Aquatic Ape

Water and Human Evolution (Bert Chan's site - unfinished)

Articles, blogs and posts

Common Misconceptions and Unproven Assumptions about the Aquatic Ape Theory
by Marc Verhaegen (Guest post on Greg Laden's blog)
January 30th, 2013

Big brains, no fur, sinuses … are these clues to our ancestors' lives as 'aquatic apes'?
The Guardian
April 27th, 2013

Seth's Blog
Feedback on the revised Aquatic Ape Theory (after Marc Verhaegen)
June 4th, 2013

Elaine Morgan, Obituary
The Guardian
July 29th, 2013

Come on in - the water's lovely
Interview with Elaine Morgan
The Guardian
May 1, 2003

The Aquatic Ape Theory: Evidence and a possible scenario by Marc Verhaegen
February 1985


Studies and research

Mbeli Bai Gorilla Study
The Mbeli Bai study has provided unique insights into the social organization and behavior of the elusive western gorilla.  The continuous monitoring of individuals (over 400 gorillas) provides essential baseline life history data of this critically endangered flagship species.


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